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3 Major Factors that Determine Fees Charged by Office Movers Singapore

When you want to relocate your office from the current location in Singapore to another, you need to hire the services of office movers. The movers have the ability to ensure that you move smoothly and settle in your new office in the most effective manner. There are many office movers Singapore, so you do not go through a lot of hassles or waste time to get the best one. One factor that you must consider when doing the hiring is the cost charged by the movers. There are many factors that different office movers consider when determining the amount to charge you. Below are some of the factors the movers use to determine the cost.Businessmen with packed cardboard boxes over a white background

Distance to be covered

One of the factors that office movers in Singapore use to determine the amount to charge you is the distance to be covered. The longer the distance the higher the fees because it means that the movers use more fuel and time in the process. This is why it is important to be specific when consulting with the movers on the exact location where you are moving from and where you are relocating to. By doing this, you will help them determine the right cost and avoid being overcharged.

Amount of load to be carried

male courier company worker delivering a package.Another important criterion that office movers use to determine the amount they charge you is the amount of load to be moved. If you have a lot of office items that need to be carried to the new office, you can expect that your will be charged a higher amount, than when you have just a few items. This happens because your office items take more space and the movers use large trucks to move you. In order to ensure that you do not get charged high moving fees, you need to pack your office items correctly so that they do not look bulky or occupy a lot of space.

The services provided

The number of services provided by office movers Singapore also determines the amount of moving fees charged. If an office mover does all the work from packing, moving, unpacking and organizing your items in your new office, you will be charged higher amount. However, if the mover will only help you in moving and you do other work by yourself, the amount charged will be lower. Therefore, if you can do some of the work by yourself, this goes a long way in reducing the moving fees charged.

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